If you are planning to buy your teenager a new kickboard or another type of scooter this year, the following tips should ensure that they have fun and stay safe!


Buying Scooters for Teens That Are Safe

High quality components and construction are crucial for safety and longevity. The scooter you buy for your teen should have premium quality Polyurethane wheels, ball bearings, brake, frame and grips will ensure that your teen is getting the smoothest, quietest, and therefore, most fun ride possible.  You don’t want the shake and rattle, just he roll!  Look for a scooter that has been hand-bolted together rather than just cheaply riveted so that the scooter can be maintained with regular tightening for optimal performance and safety. Make sure that worn components such as wheels and brakes can be easily ordered and replaced.

Safety Tips for New Scooter Riders

  1. Buy the Right Sized Scooter – If you want to be sure that your child will be able to control their new scooter with ease, you need to buy one that fits them perfectly. Take their height and weight into account when shopping, not just their age.
  1. Buy a Good Quality Helmet – This safety tip cannot be overemphasised. Head injuries can be serious so the very first thing that you should do after buying a scooters for teens is to purchase a quality helmet and make sure that it is being worn.
  1. Wear Durable Shoes – It is highly recommended that your son or daughter uses appropriate footwear, such as a good pair of running or skateboard shoes, when riding their scooter. Open toe footwear such as sandals or flip flops are not recommended for scooting.
  1. Invest in Safety Padding – While you may find it hard to get your teen to wear his/her safety padding, having a set on hand when they are first learning is never a bad idea. Many kids would prefer to learn with a degree of security until they feel more comfortable on their new kickboard or scooter.
  1. Maintenance – Regularly check the scooter over to ensure safety and optimal performance. Tighten any loosened bolts and replace any worn parts.
  1. Practice! – One of the easiest ways to make sure your son or daughter can stay safe and have fun is to practice basic manoeuvres. In particular, proper braking is essential to a safe ride. With practice, it is possible to stop any of the scooters for teens extremely quickly. Constant repetition will help to ensure that it is possible to carry out this manoeuvre safely in the event of an emergency.

The precautionary measures and buying tips listed above should help ensure that your teen gets the most fun out of scooting while staying safe. Kickboard Canada has a full assortment of excellent Micro scooters for teens so you should not find it difficult to locate a suitable model.

They also have a full assortment of replacement parts available to order to keep any Micro scooter running and looking like new.  Remember: A quality scooter is one that will get used over and over again.

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