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MICRO Merlin Electric Scooter

MICRO Merlin Electric Scooter Best Electric Scooter for Adults Canada

About the MICRO Merlin Electric Scooter

This is the long-range dual suspension electric scooter your commute has been waiting for. 

The dependable MICRO Merlin hits the real life application sweet spot with a range of up to 25 km and a top speed of 25 km/h.  It has the speed and range necessary for most commutes, while also being light and compact enough to fold and carry when needed.  An electronic display, lights, large puncture proof wheels, and cruise control make this the ultimate e-scooter for the long haul.

Sharing is over-rated when it comes to a ride this awesome!

Please note:  Due to the high speeds that can be achieved with the MICRO Merlin, it should only be ridden on smooth, dry, hard surfaces.  The wearing of a helmet is strongly advised.

Technical Specifications

Model Name MICRO Merlin Electric Scooter
Recommended Age Range  16 + years of age
Weight Limit of Rider 100 kg
Weight of Scooter 11000 g
Scooter Material Aluminum
Suspension Front & Rear Wheel
Cruise Control Yes
Folding Mechanism Foot operated lever
Wheel Size and Material 200 mm Airless Rubber Tire 
Wheel Bearings Precision Bearings
Handlebar Height from Ground Adjustable: 900 mm to 1085 mm
Handlebar Height from Kickboard Deck Adjustable:  mm to  mm
Handlebar Width   mm
Scooter Deck Length & Width 430 mm &  mm
Scooter Deck Thickness (Battery)  mm
Scooter Folded Length x Width x Height  1050 mm x   mm x  mm
Scooter Ground Clearance  
Warranty 2 yr Hardware / 1 yr Battery


The battery will recharge in just under 3 hours if completely depleted. If the battery has a charge of at least 25%, recharging takes approx. 1 hour. Energy content/capacity: 7.8 Ah/280 Wh. Voltage: 37 Volts. Cell type: (LG) Lithium polymer cells. Please consult your airline’s policy on transporting batteries.  Important: To prolong the life of the rechargeable battery, the eMICRO One scooter must be charged at least once every 3 months.


The brush less BLDC motor is custom-filled inside the hub of the front wheel. The motor can set to produce power of 250 or 500 watts and register torque of 4 newton metres.

Speed Settings

Using the display panel, the rider can switch between 4 individual pre-programmed speed settings which allow a rider to maximize range by limiting power or maximize power for top speed with a reduced range, depending on need and comfort level. 

  1. Pedestrian Mode 6 km/h, 250 W
  2. Eco Mode 20 km/h, 300 W
  3. Standard Mode 25 km/h, 400 W 
  4. Sport Mode 25 km/h, 500 W

Display Interface & Functions

The convenient electronic display screen tells you everything you need to know - Speed, Battery Charge, Current Trip Distance Traveled, Total Mileage and Temperature.  

Regenerative Braking

The regenerative front brake charges the battery when applied. Gently apply pressure on the thumb lever brake until it engages and then increase.  For stopping quickly, use the rear foot brake together with the front lever brake. Lean back slightly when braking.

On/Off Switch

Simply press the power button on the handlebar to turn the scooter on.

Key Features

  • Folding Mechanism:¬†¬†Foot operated¬†
  • Dual front & rear suspension absorbs bumps
  • Cruise control
  • Tires are puncture-proof & large for a smooth, dependable ride
  • Frame Material: Aircraft grade aluminum
  • Deck: Textured rubberized surface for extra grip.
  • Park scooter by partially folding it so that rests on the underside of the foot deck.


Please contact Kickboard Canada Inc. for service.