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MICRO Trike XL - Push Tricycle

MICRO Trike XL Push Trike

About the MICRO Trike XL

Leave the stroller at home!  Delight your child instead with a cruise on the MICRO Push-Trike XL.  Larger 145mm wheels and frame offer a particularly smooth ride.

Like the original MICRO Trike, it's for kids 36+ months who no longer need to nap in a stroller but still need the reassuring backup of a set of wheels to take over when tired of walking. Its small footprint and super short turning radius makes navigating most crowded locations such as shops, cafes, museums and airports so much easier.

With its almost tricycle-like handle bars and adjustable foot rests, the MICRO Trike XL engages the young rider while on the go and that means a more occupied, happier child.  An extendable handle gives parents full control of speed and direction making outings are less stressful for everyone!

When not needed, the folded MICRO Trike XL can hook onto a backpack or shopping cart and is compact enough easily fit into the smallest of vehicles or even bicycle trailers.  Premium quality Polyurethane MICRO scooter wheels and the smoothest ball-bearings make the MICRO Trike XL stable and safe on any hard, smooth surface.

The innovative MICRO Trike XL is easy to use, fun to ride and makes any day out in the city with kids that little bit easier.

Please note:  This is meant for children who are of tricycle riding age who are able to confidently sit up and hold on to the handlebars by themselves.  This version of the MICRO Trike does not come with a seatbelt.

Technical Specifications

Model Name MICRO Trike
Recommended Age Range  3 to 5 years of age
Weight Limit of Rider 20 kg
Weight of Trike 2760 g
Trike Material Aluminum and Plastic
Wheel Size and Material 145 mm PU
Wheel Bearings Precision Bearings
Trike Seat Length x Width  375 mm x 175 mm
Handlebar Height from Ground Adjustable: 605 mm to 890 mm
Handlebar Width 265 mm
Trike Length x Width x Height  530 mm x 790 mm x 890 mm
Trike Folded Length x Width x Height 530 mm x 100 mm x 790



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