E-MICRO ONE Electric Scooter


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Award-winning hybrid electric scooter is ready to rock your commute!  

  • Super light at only of 7.5 kg
  • Powerful 500 watt motion activated motor
  • Range of 10 – 15 km
  • Speed of up to 25 km/h
  • Battery fully recharged in just 1 hour

Imagine the possibilities! The secret of what makes the emicro one so incredible is not immediately obvious as the motor is completely hidden inside the back wheel while the Lithium Polymer battery is in the deck of the scooter.  There are no cables or throttles.

The powerful “Motion Controlled” motor is engaged through the rider’s kicking action. Each kick engages the motor for 2 – 10 seconds depending on its strength.  With a normal hand throttle and the same size battery, the impressive range, speed and weight of the emicro one simply wouldn’t be possible. The rear wheel brake is used to slow down or stop.  With a little practice getting use to the acceleration and additional forward force, the full potential of the emicro one is quickly revealed. 

“Slope Support” sensors ensure that motor support automatically increases when riding on an incline so that speed can be maintained without the rider having to increase kicking intensity.  Yup. Genius.

Winner of an ISPO Award 2016, the environmentally friendly emicro one is a clever beast with an unbeatable fun factor.  Its potential speed, range, weight and short recharging time give the modern urbanite almost limitless independent mobility possibilities.

Please note:  Due to the high speeds that can be achieved with the emicro one, it should only be ridden on smooth, dry, hard surfaces.  The wearing of a helmet is strongly advised. 

Age: 16+

Maximum rider weight: 100 kg

Scooter Weight: At 7.5 kg, the emicro one is the most lightweight and compact electric scooter in the world.

Range: 10 – 15 km depending on the riding style, route profile and body weight of the rider.

Top Speed: 25 km/hr

Battery: The fast charging battery of the emicro one is fully charged in just 1 hour. Patented battery management technologies and cell balancing algorithms lead to an excellent battery lifetime of 1000+ charging cycles. Patented pulse technology allows emicro one to get more distance out of a lighter battery. Energy content/capacity: 2.2 Ah/82 Wh. Cell type: Lithium polymer cells. Number of cells: 10. Note: The battery of the emicro one is smaller than 100Wh (82Wh) allowing the scooter to be transported on most airplanes. Please consult your airline’s policy on transporting batteries.  Important: To prolong the life of the rechargeable battery, the emicro one scooter must be charged at least once every 3 months.

Front Wheel:  The 150 mm dual core front wheel is a world first in scooters, soft on the inside and hard on the outside. The soft core absorbs shocks while the hard outer shell makes it long wearing.

Rear Wheel with Integrated Hub Motor:  Designed in Switzerland, the brushless BLDC motor is custom-filled inside the hub of the rear wheel. Due to its small size and resultant high rotation speed, the motor can produce enormous power of up to 500 watts and register torque of 4 newton metres. The rear wheel is 110 mm in diameter and 65 mm wide.

Speed Settings:  With the setting tool a rider can wirelessly switch between 3 individual pre-programmed speed settings. Choose from Eco, Standard and Sport modes depending on your riding style. The programs limit the maximum speed of the motor support and the maximum power of the motor. The setting tool communicates with the on-board computer through magnet induction technology.

Communication Display:  Four discrete LEDs built into the deck show the speed setting the rider has chosen and how much charge is left.

Regenerative Braking:  In addition to physical braking by friction the emicro one also uses regenerative braking. This not only charges the battery but also results in much shorter braking distances.

Assistance Switch:  Besides cutting the motor when braking, the brake can be used to switch the electric motor off completely. Tap the brake lever three times in succession and the motion control sensor is deactivated. To reactivate the motion control sensor, tap the brake lever three times again.

Slope Support:  Slope support is a technological feature of the motion control algorithm that ensues high power and torque when riding uphill. The sensors detect a slope and increase power and torque to compensate.

Auto On/Off:  Integrated sensors detect the movement of the emicro one and it turns on. After some seconds of inactivity, the emicro one falls automatically in to sleep mode to save energy.

Folding Mechanism:  Effortless folding of the handlebar makes the emicro one easy to transport and store.

Frame Material: Aircraft grade aluminum

Handlebar Height from Ground: 76 – 101 cm

Deck: Textured rubberized surface for extra grip.

Foot Space on Deck: 370 mm x 140 mm 

Clearance under Deck: 50 mm

Deck Thickness: 20 mm  

Kickstand: Makes parking easy.

Service: Please contact Kickboard Canada Inc. for service.