Maxi MICRO 4-in-1 T-Bar & Backpack Accessory


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Turn your classic Maxi MICRO into a handy and extremely versatile Maxi MICRO 4-in-1 with this special T-Bar & Backpack Set! Simply detach the regular handlebar from the base of your Maxi MICRO and insert the specially made 4-in-1 T-Bar & Backpack. Your Maxi MICRO goes from being an agile and smooth-riding 3-wheeled scooter to being a mobile backpack with a click. Detach the T-bar and backpack from the scooter base and you’ve got a wheeled trolley to pull along. The scooter base even stows inside the bag. Detach the T-bar from the bag and you’ve got a roomy backpack that can be used on its own. One clever accessory + one Maxi MICRO = Four variations!

Please note: The Maxi MICRO foot deck with wheels is not included in this set. If you don't yet have a Maxi MICRO deck, please see the complete Maxi MICRO 4-in-1 Kickboard listed in the KIDS section.