Micro G-Bike - 120mm Balance Bike


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Balance bikes, long popular in Europe, are not only a fun alternative to the tricycle, they are also a great way to prepare your child to ride a bike! The child who rides a balance bike playfully learns all about balance, motor skills and coordination and often transitions to a big kids bicycle without the need for training wheels as they already know how to adjust their body weight!

The ultra-compact reduced design makes the Micro G-Bike for children 2 to 5 a real head turner. With its polished aluminum frame and 120mm scooter wheels, at 2.3 kg it weighs less than half of most balance bikes on the market. This makes them easy to handle not only for childen but also for parents to transport and store. The highest quality Polyurethane scooter wheels and ABEC5 ball bearings make it easy for children to keep up the speed of their parents making every outing a pleasure!

And even in bad weather, the fun goes on inside due to the G-Bikes transparent non-marking wheels. The seat and handlebars can be raised as your child grows.

Ages: 2 – 5
Material: Polished Aluminum
Weight: 2.3 kg
Height: 48 cm
Length: 67 cm
Seat Height: 30 – 40 cm (adjustable)
Handlebar Height: 45 – 52 cm (adjustable)
Wheel Dimensions: 120mm diameter
Ball Bearings: ABEC5 precision bearings