MICRO G-Bike Chopper Deluxe Balance Bike


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Ages 2-5

The easiest way for kids to learn cycling skills yet thanks to an innovative rear carving wheel attachment!

MICRO has just made it even easier for your youngster to learn to ride a balance bike!  The new MICRO G-Bike Chopper Deluxe Balance Bike comes with super light 200 mm EVA foam rubber wheels as well as an innovative double carving wheel attachment. The carving wheel attachment is easily installed to allow for lean-to-steer carving action as well as provide extra stability and help keep the G-Bike standing upright. The spring front suspension ensures a smoother ride on rough surfaces.

Young children love the feeling of 'pedaling' down the sidewalk while keeping pace with Mom and Dad. The MICRO G-Bike Chopper balance bike allows kids to 'run' along on their bikes with both feet safely in reach of the ground as they begin to learn to balance and coast. A big benefit is that children who learn to ride a balance bike typically transition to a 'big kid's' bicycle with out the need for training wheels as they have already learned how to move their body weight to balance on 2 wheels!


• Ages: 2-5
• Max. Load: 20 kg
• Weight: 2.45 kg
• Weight with Carver: 2.88 kg
• Wheels: 200 mm EVA Foam Rubber
• Bearings: ABEC5
• Carving Wheels: 50 mm / 30 mm wide PU
• Handlebar Height: 60 cm
• Seat Height: 38 - 50 cm
• Length with 200 mm wheels : 77 cm
• Length with carver : 79 cm