Micro G-Bike Light - Balance Bikes


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Ages 2-5

Maximum mobility with minimum weight!

Young children love the feeling of 'pedaling' down the sidewalk while keeping pace with Mom and Dad. The Micro G-Bike Light balance bike allows kids to 'run' along on their bikes with both feet safely in reach of the ground as they begin to learn to balance and coast. A big benefit is that children who learn to ride a balance bike typically transition to a 'big kid's' bicycle with out the need for training wheels as they have already learned how to move their body weight to balance on 2 wheels!

The Micro G-Bike Light weighs less than other comparable push bikes (just 3.2 kg) so you can carry it easily or sling it over the back of the stroller. The super durable and clear 200 mm polyurethane wheels run extra smooth and quiet on high quality bearings. Handlebars and saddle are both adjustable and the rubber knob at the end of the seat stem is there to protect kids from injuries.

Winter and summer, the G-Bike Light is as much an indoor toy as a mode of mobility outdoors - the transparent, non-marking polyurethane wheels of the G-Bike Light make it suitable for indoor use, leaving no black marks on the floor! Even the youngest children will learn a sense of balance and coordination while improving their motor skills.

  • Ages: 2-5
  • Weight Limit: 20 kg
  • Weight: 3.2 kg
  • Front and Back Wheels: 20 cm diameter, 3.5 cm width, polyurethane
  • Seat Height: adjustable with quick-release lever 370 – 470 mm
  • Handle Bars: adjustable, 510 – 535 mm from ground with thick, soft and durable rubber grips
  • Length: 76 cm

All Micro products are manufactured with the highest standard of quality control at an ISO-certified manufacturing plant in China. Our products meet all of the worldwide quality standards including EN, ANSI, and TUV. The factory is accredited with ISO 9002 international quality standard and has a professional tooling section, plastic injection shop and production facilities. Coupled with an extremely competent R&D team, the factory is always poised to produce the best and most innovative Micro products.