Micro Honker Grips


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Personalize the look and sound of your Mini or Maxi with the new Micro Honker that acts as a colourful handlebar grip and a scooter horn all in one. Fun and useful, the Micro Honker is easily installed on any existing Mini or Maxi Micro scooter. Press the horn for a loud and satisfying honk. How to Install a Micro Honker:
  • Twist and pull the existing handle grips off. A little muscle might be needed.
  • Push the black cylinder (the noise maker) all the way into one end of the handlebar
  • Add a few drops of water to the inside of the new “speaker” grip and twist it on to the same end as the noise maker.
  • Repeat this last step with the “honker” grip.
  • Honk the horn and have fun!
Note: Grips only.  T-bar not included.