Micro 200mm White M&D Floral Multicolour Scooter


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The Micro White M&D Floral Multicolour Scooter pattern matches the Micro Sprite M&D Floral Multicolour Scooter pattern! Together they make a perfect matching Mother & Daughter set! The ultimate in speed, comfort and good looks, the Micro White M&D Floral Multicolour, together with its twins Micro White and Micro Black, has been specially designed for those wanting the perfect 'green' vehicle for commuting, running errands and keeping up with the kids. The cool, retro design and smooth glide make it especially fun to ride and an ergonomically designed low deck allows riders a more comfortable upright stance. You will be able to see and feel the quality Swiss design and engineering in every element of the White. The over-sized wheels made of the highest quality PU are not only smooth and quiet but fast as well - think maximum distance with minimum effort! A specially fortified rear wheel fork provides strong torsion control - great for long-distance dependability.