Scoot Beamz Lights


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Scoot Beamz are fun, bright lights which easily Velcro to the front of any Micro scooter or kickboard for increased visibility. Press the button on the front of your Scoot Beamz to activate and select one of four light settings - fast flash, slow flash and constant and off. The material is very reflective even when the light isn't on to help keep riders safe.


How do I attach Scoot Beamz to my scooter? Just wrap the Velcro straps around the front of the handlebars and fasten tight. Can I get Scoot Beamz wet? These lights are water resistant, but not water proof. A bit of rain won’t be a problem, but don’t drench them! How many colours are there? This light is available in blue, pink, green and yellow. How long can I expect the batteries to last? The batteries last approximately 50 hours.