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About Kickboard Canada Inc.

Kickboard Canada Inc. brings Swiss design and ingenuity to Canada through the full range of premium MICRO® products from Micro Mobility Systems.

Kickboard Canada Inc.Having spent 15 years in Switzerland together with his wife and children prior to their return to Canada in mid-2010, Aaron White, founder of Kickboard Canada Inc., had become very well acquainted with Micro Mobility Systems and their products. In fact, their two boys, who were both born in Switzerland, grew up through a succession of MICRO® 2-wheeled scooters and 3-wheeled KICKBOARDS® – not surprising since the MICRO brand is so popular in Switzerland, where 1 in 3 households owns at least one MICRO scooter or kickboard! In their former home town on the shores of Lake Zurich, scooters are such an important part of everyday life that it’s rare to see a child walking to school rather than covering the ‘micro distance’ on a scooter. As MICRO scooters became an important fixture within the White family household, their admiration for the company and fascination with its tremendous products continued to grow. With his background in premium consumer goods marketing and business development, one can imagine how Aaron jumped at the opportunity to take on the responsibility to build the MICRO brand in Canada.

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