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Swiss Design

Why Buy A MICRO?

We’ve got the ideal Swiss-designed ride for just about everyone. From unique ride-ons and balance bikes for tikes to our award winning lean-to-steer kickboards for kids, high-quality street cruisers for teens and adults as well as top-of-the-line trick scooters, MICRO stands for incomparable quality, performance and durability. So, jump on a MICRO and see why the original Swiss scooter brand has continued to lead the way in the world-wide scooter revolution since 1999.

Mini & Maxi MICRO Deluxe LED Kickboards


The MICRO Movement

Shining the Light on Fall Scooter Safety…

Fall is such a beautiful time of year! Green gives way to various shades of red, orange and vibrant yellows. As the temperature cools down we dig out our favourite cozy knits again and ice cream is replaced by anything warm with pumpkin spice or chocolate!

  • Aaron White

Welcoming New Special Edition MICRO SPRITES!!!

MICRO Sprite Scooter Petrol StripeMICRO Sprite Scooter Blue Stripe

Introducing the new styles to the MICRO Sprite Special Edition Scooter Collection!

These brand new, fresh colours are just in time for Spring! The Petrol Stripe and Blue Stripe models are stunning with their bold anodized finish! 

  • Tabitha Trombley

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