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MICRO Compact Kickboard

MICRO Compact Kickboard

About the MICRO Compact Kickboard 

'Surf the sidewalks' on a MICRO Compact Kickboard with a Pilot Stick.  Because of its lean-to-steer mechanism, think of it as a combination between a scooter, skateboard and snowboard in one!

The advantage of the one-handed Pilot Stick is that it allow for a more sideways stance similar to on a skateboard or snowboard making body weight adjustments even easier to carve turns when you want a more playful curvy ride!

With its three wheels, two in the front and one in the back, you can literally surf wherever you go. With a maximum rider weight of 100 kg, the Compact Kickboard is recommended for those 12 and up. This model comes with Pilot Stick steering only.

The MICRO Compact Kickboard's modular construction is made to last with virtually every part being replaceable. Kickboard Canada maintains a comprehensive Replacement Parts Service to replace parts that might wear out over time.  NOTE: This product is not guaranteed for use for tricks and aggressive use.

Technical Specifications

Model Name MICRO Compact Kickboard
Recommended Age Range  12 + years of age
Weight Limit of Rider 100 kg
Weight of Kickboard 4475 g
Kickboard Material Aluminum
Wheel Size and Material 120 mm PU
Wheel Bearings Precision Bearings
Front Wheel Width 240 mm
Handlebar Height from Ground Adjustable: 710 mm to 1005 mm
Handlebar Height from Kickboard Deck Adjustable: 635 mm to 935 mm 
Handlebar Width (T-Bar) 335 mm
Kickboard Deck Length x Width  335 mm x 130 mm
Kickboard Folded Length x Width x Height 690 mm x 335 mm x 185 mm
Kickboard Ground Clearance 50 mm


MICRO Compact Kickboard

All Micro products are manufactured with the highest standard of quality control at an ISO-certified manufacturing plant in China, our products meet all of the worldwide quality standards including EN, ANSI, and TUV. The factory is accredited with ISO 9002 international quality standard and has a professional tooling section, plastic injection shop and production facilities. Coupled with an extremely competent R&D team, the factory is always poised to produce the best and most innovative MICRO products.