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MICRO Luggage Scooter II

 Think outside the box & let your luggage carry you to the gate!

The sleek MICRO Luggage Scooter II is the clever result of a collaboration between Micro Mobility Systems of Switzerland and Samsonite and was designed to help busy travelers move quickly through airports. Thanks to the built-in 3-wheeled MICRO scooter with the highest quality Polyurethane wheels and innovative lean-to-steer mechanism, it does just that. Imagine gliding quietly and almost effortlessly through the terminal at up to three times walking speed if space allows.

When the wheels are folded back up, the scooter turns into a conventional wheeled trolley. Push down the telescopic handle and the whole MICRO Luggage Scooter II fits into standard size overhead bins on the plane. The specially developed case has a hard-shell back, a soft shell front and has a separate padded compartment for your PC together with 6 additional pockets and sleeves to keep everything in place while on the go.

MICRO Luggage Scooter II - new, innovative, and a near-guarantee you will never be late for an airplane again! Check it out on Travel Channel's Gear Guide

Technical Specifications


  • TSA Approved / Permitted as Hand Luggage on most airlines
  • Closed Dimensions 35x58x23 cm / Weight 5.7 kg
  • Hard Shell Back / Soft Shell Front
  • Case Capacity 26 litres / 7 kg
  • Padded Laptop Compartment + 6 Additional Pockets/Sleeves
  • Three wheel lean-to-steer mechanism with foot brake over back wheels
  • Front Wheels: 110mm Rebound PU
  • Total Max. Load: 100 kg
  • Colour: Black / Anthracite
  • Handlebar Height 89-99 cm
  • Scooter Deck Length 37 cm

All products manufactured with the highest standard of quality control at an ISO-certified manufacturing plant in China. Our products meet all of the worldwide quality standards including EN, ANSI, and TUV. The factory is accredited with ISO 9002 international quality standard and has a professional tooling section, plastic injection shop and production facilities. Coupled with an extremely competent R&D team, the factory is always poised to produce the best and most innovative MICRO products.