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MICRO Suspension Scooter

The MICRO Suspension Scooter is a MICRO innovation which utilizes mountain bike-inspired suspension technology for both the steering column and rear deck allowing the scooter to actually compress when going over bumps.

Slightly larger and heavier than the other scooters in the MICRO range, the MICRO Suspension Scooter absorbs the majority of shocks making your ride super smooth and extra comfortable - an excellent commuter sidekick for getting to and from the public transit station.

The soft foam handle grips, extra wide deck for both feet, and integrated kickstand and back brake system add to your comfort and control. The patented double-button folding system makes the MICRO Suspension Scooter transportable and easy to carry.

The MICRO Suspension Scooter boasts a weight capacity of 100 kg and adjustable height handlebars extend an additional 22 cm from the lowest setting for added safety and comfort.

The MICRO Suspension Scooters modular construction is made to last with virtually every part being replaceable. Kickboard Canada maintains a comprehensive Replacement Parts Service to replace parts that might wear out over time.  NOTE: This product is not guaranteed for use for tricks and aggressive use.

Technical Specifications

  • Load: 100 kg
  • Weight: 6.1 kg
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Wheels: 200 mm Polyurethane
  • Handlebar Height: 84 – 106 cm
  • Deck Width: 13 cm
  • Deck Length: 48 cm
  • Ground Clearance: 9 cm