Mini Micro Handbags


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Scooter outings are even more fun when you can take along some favourite things in your Mini Micro Handbag. For many children the Mini Micro scooter is not just a toy - it's a way of life. That’s why Micro of Switzerland has created the official Mini Micro Handbag. Now girls can carry all of their important bits and pieces around with them wherever they scoot. Whether it’s a snack for the park or some colouring pencils for a visit to the café with Mom & Dad, the Mini Micro Handbag will make trips outdoors even more fun. The Mini Micro Handbag can be slipped off the scooter and carried just like Mom. Attaches to the steering column of your scooter or kickboard with the included 2-way mounting clip. (The second side of the clip could be used for a Micro Bottle Holder which uses the same attachment system.) Velcro keeps bag contents secure. A great way to individualize your favourite scooter.